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Lymm residents keen for upgraded skatepark to give youngsters something to do

Lymm residents keen for upgraded skatepark to give youngsters something to do

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LYMM residents are keen for a new and improved skatepark at Ridgeway Grundy Park.

With £690 of fundraising, skateboarding workshops and a desire to keep younger residents busy, the people behind the plans for the upgraded village skatepark hope that the community can continue to support them.

“We don’t want anything too big but we want something that everyone can use from beginners to intermediate level skaters,” said Lee Deavall, secretary of Lymm Skatepark Committee.

“There’s nowhere to skateboard or do things like that in Lymm – I know that because I’ve been here 48 years.

“We’ve got the people, we’ve got the drive, we just don’t have the facilities. There’s nowhere to go.

“We’re just trying to get somewhere that kids, adults, disabled and wheelchair users can use to have a scoot, ride or skate around.”

To get fundraising under way, The Friends of Lymm Skatepark (FOLS) launched a skateboard workshop late last month to encourage more people to get involved in skateboarding at Lymm Youth and Community Centre.

Organiser Iain Gurney said: The launch day was a huge success. It was great to see so many people from the local community show up and offer support for the project.

“The launch party gave over 50 children, of varying ages, the opportunity to try skateboarding, many for the first time. It was great to see their enthusiasm and sense of achievement as they mastered something new.

“Watching the children working together and supporting each other really highlighted how valuable a new skatepark would be for Lymm.”

The day was attended by Cllr Tony Higgins who gave it his full support.

Lee – whose kids have just got into skateboarding – added: “He’s really for it and he’s really into pushing activities for people in the area and giving them things to do with any sports.

“It will be amazing for kids. There is nothing for disabled children in the area so we aim to make it available to more kids and those with disabilities.”

After Team GB had Sky Brown winning a medal at the Olympics, Lee is hopeful for the impact the upgraded park could have.

The 48-year-old continued. “With Skateboarding now in the Olympics, we might have a potential future Olympian with us.

“All the schools are behind it

“It just needs a bit of a re-think and it’s good for the area.

“Iain is the main driving force behind it.

“We’ve got some of the highest youth percentages in the area and they have got nothing to do.”

The current skatepark has been there for more than a decade and residents are keen for an upgrade.

It consists of two ramps, a high slid rail and a metal bench Lymm Skatepark Committee say is too dangerous for small children to use.

They also feel that experienced skaters have found that the ramps are not suitable to skate and it is like someone who does not skate or partake in action sports has designed the ramps.

A risk assessment has been done and a feasibility study has been put together for the council.

Lee and Iain hope that the community will continue to support them with fundraising here.

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