Our Mission - Skate, Learn, Thrive

Lymm Skatepark is a Charity (1207297) dedicated to benefiting the entire local community. We aim to encourage younger individuals to exercise regularly, combat anti-social behavior, and foster a sense of belonging among young people.

We support the community by running regular Skate Camps, Clubs, Coaching, and other fundraising activities to achieve this. At our skate camps, we supply free equipment for attendees to use, ensuring that even those who have never tried skateboarding before can have a go and experience the sport.

We provide a safe space for young people to explore creativity through skateboarding, whether it be tricks or having a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded individuals. Friends made through skateboarding often last for life, creating strong connections within the community.

Skateparks play a crucial role in providing accessible spaces for learning and developing skills while also offering valuable opportunities to exercise, socialise, and express creativity.

By establishing a locally accessible skatepark in our village, we can create an inclusive environment that welcomes and caters to diverse users and interests, ultimately promoting a healthier and more engaged youth community. Our ultimate goal is to introduce a free-to-use multi-wheeled sports facility that is a hub for positive growth and connection for everyone, regardless of gender, background or circumstances.

Benefits of action sports


Action sports teaches participants that they should respect all people of different ages, social backgrounds, ethnicity and diversity; it brings people together on a ‘level and ecouraging playing field’ which in our case concrete and 2/4 wheels.


Action sports are hard to master, but like anything in life, you need to practise, fail and repeat to build confidence.  You never know your limits unless you come out of your comfort zone, how far you go is down to you.


Making friends is enviably easy for participants of action sports. Simply head over to a skate spot, be friendly to the locals, do some tricks, and compliment others on theirs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the local language either—the act of skateboarding and action sports is a form of communication in and of itself. Skateboarders have an innate ability to identify fellow skateboarders with pinpoint accuracy. Tip, look at the shoes! Once I cracked this code, I gained confidence in talking to strangers.


We like to always encourage skateboarders to wear protective clothing, Knee pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards and a Helmet.  Safety is of the utmost importance.  Some people might say that it’s a dangerous sport; there is no denying it, but so is horse riding.  Did you know that there are far more footballing injuries worldwide than Skateboarding? But as the saying goes, ‘Fortune favours the brave.’

Lymm Skate Park

For our community

In Lymm there are few options for the younger community members to participiate in action sports. There is an overwhelming demand for an “operational” local Skatepark facility to be built. Providing a safe recreational space and commuity hub for generations to come.

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