About Us

Iain Gurney (Chair)

Skateboarder, Mountain Biker, Entrepreneur, Eco Warrior and Skateboard GB Coach.

During the time I  have been skateboarding I have learned determination, overcoming failure and how to achieve my goals. These are all important life skills that are hugely valuable for children. 

As a coach I have experienced first hand the confidence children can gain by learning a new skill.

Lee Deavall (Trustee)

Skateboarder, DJ, Music Producer, Remixer, Radio Host on Cheshire's MIX 56 DAB Radio and IT Architect.

Years ago, as a teenager, I yearned for a safe haven to hone my skateboarding skills in Lymm. Unfortunately, the lack of such a space persists today. Our mission is simple: to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in the community to enjoy skateboarding, scooting, BMX riding, and even wheelchair accessibility.

A common misconception paints Lymm as a solely affluent village. However, the reality is far different, with many families seeking free and accessible recreational options for their children. As a father with two daughters passionate about skateboarding and scootering, I personally understand the need for a safe space for them to learn and grow. This shared desire led me to connect with Iain Gurney through his Chin Club, which my daughter attends. Together, we're determined to bridge the gap in recreational facilities for Lymm's youth.

Caroline Clarke (Volunteer)

Meet Caroline, a dedicated business manager at a Cheshire-based fabric design company and a resident of Lymm for over 13 years.

Alongside her husband Dave and their two sons, George and Tom, who attend Ravenbank Primary School, Caroline enjoys a bustling household complemented by Buddy, their beloved Cockapoo.

Before her current role, Caroline was a self-employed bookkeeper, primarily serving Lymm-based businesses, and volunteered as a treasurer for Lymm's Sanctuary Cafe for eight years. An active member of the community, she leads runs for Lymm Runners, and her passion for fitness extends to spinning, swimming, and enjoying long walks with Buddy.

Caroline's involvement in local initiatives deepened through her sons' interest in skateboarding, sparking her commitment to enhancing Grundy Park. Her advocacy for a new skatepark in Lymm reflects her dedication to providing enriching activities that foster physical and social growth for the community's youth.

Useful Links

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Free Local Skateparks
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