About Us

Iain Gurney

Skateboarder, Mountain Biker, Entrepreneur, Eco Warrior and Skateboard GB Coach.

During the time I  have been skateboarding I have learned determination, overcoming failure and how to achieve my goals. These are all important life skills that are hugely valuable for children. 

As a coach I have experienced first hand the confidence children can gain by learning a new skill.

Lee Deavall

Skateboarder, DJ, Music Producer, Remixer and IT Architect.

Many years ago, I was a teenager with nowhere safe to skateboard around the village; years later, there is still nowhere for people to skate safely in the surronding area.

It's our mission to try and achieve a safe place for everyone to Skate, Scoot, BMX and wheelchair in the local area.

There is a mistaken idea that all the kids in Lymm have wealthy parents; this is not the case, and many would like free-to-use facilities for their children.

I have two daughters interested in Skateboarding and Scootering, and I need somewhere safe to take them myself.

Iain Gurney and I met via his Chin Club, which my Daughter attends; from there, we decided to get together and try and do something about the lack of facilities for the young people in the area.

Useful Links

* Skateboard GB https://skateboardgb.org/

Recomended Shops
* Alans Skate - Wigan https://alansbmx.com/
* Stonebridge Skates - Bolton https://stonebridgeskates.co.uk/
* Black Sheep - Manchester https://www.blacksheepstore.co.uk/
Lost Art - Liverpool https://lostartshop.com
* Note - Manchester https://www.noteshop.co.uk/
* Big Woodys - Blackpool www.bigwoodysskateshop.co.uk
* Kates Skates - Barrow https://www.kateskates.co.uk
* Welcome - Leeds https://welcomeleeds.com/

Free Local Skateparks
* Skatepark Finder https://www.skateparks.co.uk/park-finder/
Victoria Park - Warrington
Birchwood Park - Warrington
Orford Park - Warrington
Pheonix Park - Runcorn
The Glen Skatepark - Runcorn
Partington Skatepark - Partington
Lime Woods Fields - Chester
South Park - Macclesfield
Weston Park - Macclesfield

Indoor Parks £
Ramp 1 - warrington
Rampworx - liverpool
Greystones - Manchester
Projekts - Manchester
Rampworld - Blackpool
Junction 4 - Burnley
Howie Bridge - Atherton